Kalla the Leaf Blower

Jeje, so it didn´t work out with fifty pictures this year. Maybe 25 next year.
Kalla the leaf blower, polaroid

To blow leaf has always been my dream, and finally i got to do it. It´s extremely clean and tidy outside our office now, to put it that way.
You wouldn´t believe how much power it is in those things. It´s like the hairdryer from hell!
Thanks to Gårdreform for letting me borrow the equipment, and to http://www.espenhofsmo.blogspot.com/ for pushing me and the button.


History #8

Kalla the dentist
I just had to upload the dentist while taking backup of this weeks work:-) The girl in the chair is the dentists assistant, and she was rather calm until I stepped on the pedal:-) Unfortenately and very unlike me, she had perfect teeth.



Kalla the dancer
I guess Eugenie is being slightly more spectacular than me in this picture, but I kind of like it in the white suit, and I am considering changing profession.  Thanks a million to Eugenie and the Operahouse, and of course Espen that helped me out!


History #7

Since I´m working my ass off nowadays I´ll upload a new historypicture, just so you don´t think I´ve fallen asleep!
Kalla the cowboy
I actually really have a way with cattle! they followed me like I was their pack leader, as the cow whisperer would have said. This is one of the pictures I´m especially fond of, and I couldn´t eat meat for a week:-)



Kalla the veterinarian
#1! Lene at PetVett did som serious comforting while I was scaring my dog, Peluca, with both the outfit and the needle. She shaked it off afterwards like nothing had happened, and got a pig´s ear as treat. (thats Peluca and not Lene!) All projects are easier when you´ve actually started, and I´m looking forward to the next shoot! Thanks to Lene and PettVett Bygdøy for all help.


History #7

dr. Kalla md
When I took this picture, I had just got three shots of 1000 mg Solumedrol. That´s a rather high dose of stereoids, and it makes you both afraid and angry. I had to remove the deep color from my face in photoshop. The patient in my bed is my sister, and the two nurses is probably the cutest in the Norwegian State Hospital. I borrowed the gear from a female doctor, and she said that if I joined her on the rounds, the patients would ask her for bedpans!

History #6

Kalla the hair dresser

When I came to the photoshoot dressed up like this, the hair dresser shouted; "Oh my God, you look like a queen from Stockholm!" I don´t now if it was the Marilyn Manson shirt or the A-ha leather thingy on the arm, but I´m quite satisfyed with my own looks in this picture. Thanks to LP for risking his hair!

History #5

kalla the salvation soldier
I just found the hard disc with  all the previous pictures, so I just have to put out a few more:-)
This is as you can see, from the salvation army. the film was accidently crossed, so the colors are a little weird! But I really like the moustache.

History #4

Kalla the toll ring guy
This one is from the toll ring around Oslo. They closed a toll station in the middle of the rush hour for me, so we had to work fast. When you´re working fast,  you don´t always see small details in the viewfinder. It´s actually film paper from a kodak e100vs lying in the sidepocket of the car:-)


History #3

Kalla the kindergarden guy
The boys in front are my boys, Mikael and Adam. as you can see, they have the same expression as me.
Next week we´re ready to start with the first picture! I have a date with a cute veterinary, and I´ll bring my dog:-)

History #2

Kalla the policeman
This picture was taken outside the Israelian embassy in Oslo. This picture show my skills as a project manager as much as a photographer. Both the Norwegian police and Mossad can be quite uptight when it comes to guys like me, looking like a terrorist, carrying guns. But i finally got to borrow a uniform from Oslo Police district, and a machinegun from a qute policelady.

History #1

Kalla the firefighter
Before I start with the fifty pictures, I have to show a couple of the pictures i have already taken. They do obiously not count as one of the fifty to come.
This picture was taken when I made a christmas calender for the firedepartment. Unfortenately the house burned down before I got to do what I was supposed to, but it´s a nice picture of me, and there´s a lot of houses to burn.